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Minitube: specialist in animal reproduction technologies

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Minitube International is the world's leading system supplier for reproduction technologies applied in animals: artificial insemination, embryo transfer and related biotechniques.

At Minitube, veterinarians, engineers and researchers work together on the continuing development of animal breeding technologies.

Headquartered in Germany, Minitube is present around the globe with a number of subsidiaries and distributors.




During the first plenary session of this year´s ICAR (International congress on animal reproduction), the Simmet Prize was awarded for the third time. It is presented by the ICAR every four years and endowed with 50.000 Euro. Minitube International is sponsoring the prize in honor of Dr. Ludwig Simmet, founder of Minitube. The intent is to award research scientists for outstanding basic and applied research in the area of assisted reproduction of animals. 


At the end of May 2016, the first Ibero-American workshop of Minitüb technical specialists took place in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The workshop organisers of Minitub do Brazil welcomed 29 attendees arriving from 11 Latin American countries including many Veterinarians as well as technical specialists from Minitüb subsidiaries and partner companies. The workshop focused on the current and specific situation of animal breeding in Latin America including artificial insemination and embryo transfer in pigs, cattle, and horses. 



SpermNotes Small Ruminants 2015

Special edition: Modern assisted reproduction techniques in small ruminants

  • Semen collection and processing
  • Artificial insemination
  • Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer
  • Minitube training courses in ovine/caprine reproduction techniques

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Validation of the MiniReader – Progesterone ELISA test

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